Officer Elections, SLL Orientation, and a Mini Meeting Tomorrow

Welcome Back

Classes are back in session, and your local ACM chapter is gearing up for the new academic year. We will hold an informal meeting tomorrow and the 2017-2018 officer elections next Wednesday. Read on for details on our next few meetings, instructions for new officer candidates, and information on the elections that will be held next week.

Mini Meeting on August 30

We will hold an informal meeting tomorrow (Wednesday), August 30th at 1:30pm. We will meet in RBN 3047, if it is available. If that room is already being used, we will meet in one of the common areas in the RBN building. We’ll post to Facebook if we need to relocate. All are welcome to join!

Officer Orientation

If you are interested in running for an officer position in the ACM chapter for the 2017-2018 academic year, we ask that you please attend one of the student organization orientation sessions offered by the Department of Student Life and Leadership (SLL). It is required by SLL that at least two officers from each organization attend orientation each year.

Even if you are not elected yet and are simply interested in a position, we still ask that you complete this step to ensure this requirement is met. Unfortunately, because the requirement must be met by September 8th, there is only one date you can attend in person. However, there is an online option in case you can’t make that one.

To attend SLL orientation online, visit the following link and complete the form. You will be invited to a Canvas course where you can complete orientation:

If you prefer to attend orientation in-person, below is the orientation session that is available before our organization’s registration deadline:
August 31 – 2pm – UC Theatre

2017-2018 ACM Elections

We will convene on Wednesday, September 6th at 1:30pm in RBN 3047 to elect new officers for our ACM chapter. Candidates are asked to prepare a brief speech on why they believe they should be elected to their desired position. The four standard officer positions available are:

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer

If you do not get elected to the position you want or cannot attend the elections, keep in mind that there are other leadership opportunities within the chapter. Our bylaws allow the officers to create committees within the chapter that can have their own leadership positions. If you have a specific vision you want to carry out for the chapter, this is a great way to become a leader within the student community. If this interests you, be sure to communicate your desires to the newly-elected officers.

While being a member of our chapter is free, elected officers are required by our parent organization to pay for a $19 ACM student membership. You may wait until after elections before completing this requirement.

It’s Going to Be a Great Year

Our chapter was massively successful last year. Working together, we organized five major events. We held a game design workshop, an alumni guest speaker event, an academic research presentation, a successful fundraiser, and a game design competition.

We have also been hard at work modernizing our communication systems, including a new MailChimp email marketing campaign, digital membership sign-ups, a Slack chat, and improvements to our website.

I had a great time working with my fellow officers and the awesome members of this chapter last year. I can’t wait to see what this year holds in store as we get even bigger and better. Let’s see how high this rocket can fly, partner.

Keep up the great work,

Johnathon Stone
2016-2017 ACM Chair

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